Virtual Exhibitors

Exhibitor at a virtual congress?  How does it work?

For virtual exhibitions at BauZ! 2021 we go for a very simple and effective approach:

  1. You send us an invitation link from your customary teleconferencing software (Zoom, Teams and the like).
  2. We place this link on the start-page for our congress delegates, along with your logo and a very short description.
  3. The time schedule when you want to be available to enquiries is your choice. The philosophy is: watching the congress and keeping an eye on a second screen where customers with their enquiries might come in.
  4. To alert congress delegates to the “exhibition” we conduct an „elevator pitch” at the end of session 1, with statements of 1 minute, or better, in a virtual setting: 30 seconds by all exhibitors. This worked very well in our “real” congresses. In a virtual setting we would proceed in much the same way:
  5. Pre-recording in a pre-recording session in Vienna – or –
    using a suitable short video (format 1080 (Full HD) .mov .avi .mp4, other formats on request), you might have in stock or be able to produce yourself.

Interested? Please contact us on!