Call for Papers 2023

Our Topics

The strong growth in demand after the Corona crisis led to a shortage of supply, which has been exacerbated by the immediately ensuing Ukraine crisis. Now, for the time being, everything is in short supply: skilled labor, energy, building materials and components, and – because of inflation and interest rate hikes – also money. The next BauZ! Congress will therefore focus on the theme of scarcity.
In other words: The ‘demand’ of climate change exceeds the ‘supply’ of political goodwill.

Topic 1: The produced building – data, planning, organization

  • During times in which previous employees are discovering themselves as providers of their work, previous employers are left with the challenge of creating the best organizational and communication environment for them.
  • Mapping the complexity of a building design with all parties involved, and with the data of all parties involved, in a model has been considered a challenge for many years, of which preliminary partial successes have been reported that are either encouraging or exhorting sobriety. What is the state of play of the latest projects, especially when also ecological data and prefabrication are involved?
  • Prefabrication, the hope of the workplace “construction site”, in terms of duration and quality of work there. But:
  • Prefabrication and architectural quality. Can we combine the two? Can you demonstrate this on the basis of a completed project? Examples of refurbishments are also highly welcome!

Topic 2: Material, respect, cycle

Does also material possess dignity? Some hope! Embedded in good architecture, it does possess dignity.
Respect is at the beginning of all good use of materials in construction, and respect is at the beginning of the desire not to abandon components and materials later as landfill waste.

We are looking for

  • completed building projects (also refurbishment projects!), which were characterized by respect for the building material and components, and
  • plannings, which had the further usability of the installed material in mind right from the get-go.

Topic 3: Jointly autonomous in the neighborhood – Technical infrastructure

We are looking for

  • new executed projects that show the interaction across property boundaries, with technical and social (including legal) aspects – especially in energy production and use, but do we have to stop there?

Topic 4: Temperature-controlled, illuminated, ventilated, greened – step inside!

  • Smart home? Low-tech? “Robust?” – Your plea for a building technology philosophy, based on a built example backed up by hands-on experience. Which pathway was, and remains, promising under conditions of scarcity?
  • Energy generation, shading, greening and attractive open space can take place in the same space on roofs and facades. How does this prove its worth in practice, what outlook can be provided for an activated and enlivened building envelope?
  • What does architecture look like that makes do with a minimum (in terms of space requirements, not sophistication) of building technology?
  • Avoiding summer overheating without cooling: can we still do it?