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Framework conditions. Scopes within! — Renovation and Redevelopment.

“Always act so as to increase the number of choices.” (Heinz von Förster)1: Always build so as to create more choices – while being open to multiple usages, tolerant as to multiple applications and creating a repair-friendly environment.

BauZ! 2019: Having a conversation about the sustainable further construction and refurbishment of existing building stock. BauZ! is the industry meeting point where investors, planners, trade planners, manufacturers and executing companies link up:

Four aspects – Show pioneering projects!

1 Bringing usage into being! The investor, property-developer, builder-owner and joint-building-venture perspective (participation of subsequent users as builder-owners). The building as an economic object.

2 Functionality and design! – Planning the building. The designers’ perspective: architecture, urban planning, planning of green spaces and free spaces. The building as a functional and esthetic object.

3 Calculate an simulate the building! The perspective of building-physics and building-engineering trade planners.The building is calculated in structural-stability and building-physics terms, simulated, and, later on, surveyed in the course of building monitoring. The building as a physical object.

4 Realise the building – and dismantle it later on! The perspective of materials. Aspects contributed by construction-product and components manufacturers, executing companies and building operators: The building as a material object.

BauZ!-2019 intensifies the diskussion: In each session two plenary lectures will be commented and amended by panelists, being speakers in the following session “The congress at Round Tables”,expanding on the topic. Plenty of time is reserved for plenary discussion. Also exhibitors of new products and services are given a say in the discussion.

The congress starts with an architectural field trip to important refurbishment projects and development areas in the Vienna region and an evening reception (details to follow).

The preliminary congress programme is online on Early bird fees are valid until 30 December 2018!
Questions? Ask the congress team! Dr. Tobias Waltjen und Gudrun Dorninger, IBO – Österreichisches Institut für Bauen und Ökologie GmbH Alserbachstr. 5/8, 1090 Wien, Tel.: +43 1 3192005, E-Mail:, Web: