x18_Thursday, 25 January 2018


From 8:30  Foyer Stolz: Registration and coffee
9:00–10:30 Room Stolz 1: Session 1: Participation in residential building and housing – experiences
Chair: Karl Torghele, IBO
Man in the centre of urbanisation
Paul Friedli, Schindler Group, Ebikon
The experience of La Borda, from the development to the project
Luca Volpi, Societa organica Barcelona; Cristina Gamboa Masdevall, Lacol Cooperativa, Barcelona
WoGen residential co-operative – participatory residential building returns to the roots of the basic co-operation ideas
Eveline Hendekli, Die WoGen Wohnprojekte-Genossenschaft e. Gen.
10:30–11:00 Foyer Stolz: Coffee break
11:00–12:30 Room Stolz 1: Session 2: Panel discussion: International Experiences
Chair: Susanne Formanek, IBO
Greetings and  statements of the funding ministeries
Theo Zillner, bmvit; Bettina Bergauer, bmnt
The Turkish construction sector, a growing industry – how can Austrian corporations profit?
Georg Karabaczek, WKO – Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Office Istanbul; Beatriz Schönstein-Wippel, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
How international collaboration is advancing low-energy building in Canada
Thomas Mueller, Canadian Green Building Council; Bernd Vogl, City of Vienna, MA 20: Energy Planning
Challenges in the implementation of Passivehouses and low energy building concepts in the “hot summer cold winter climate region“ of China.
Yunjiang Li, CTGU Yichang; Christoph Muß, FH Technikum, Wien
12:30–14:00 Lunch break
14:00–15:30 Room Schubert 1: klimaaktiv Workshop: Energy flexible buildings – element of the decarbonization. Chair: Franziska Trebut, ÖGUT
Buildings 2020+: Criteria of CO2-neutral buildings within the klimaaktiv building standard
Robert Lechner, pulswerk, Wien
Setting: Assessing the power sector
Martin Ploss, Energieinstitut Vorarlberg
Klimaaktiv draft criteria of “storage capabilities in buildings”
Ernst Meissner, Grazer Energieagentur
Practical examples of energy flexible buildings
Stefan Geier, MA 20, Wien
14:00–15:30 Room Stolz 1: Session 3: Density and quality of life
Chair: Helmut Krapmeier
Continuing to build cities in a future-proof way – High-quality continuation of building of historical urban structures
Magdalena Leyser-Droste, ILS Aachen
MAI – Mobility pass for residential real estate
Manfred Schrenk, CORP
SC micro quarters project – Modelling and optimization of different re-densification scenarios with regard to renewable energy supply and quality of life
Jens Leibold, IBO
1-minute-presentation of the exhibitor’s desks
15:30–16:00 Coffee break
16:00–18:00 Room Stolz 2: Session 4: Breakout session (World Café)
Chair: Beatriz Schönstein-Wippel, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
International Delegate’s Corner. Foreign markets and their chances and potentials.
Canada: Nicole Mothes, Canadian Embassy Vienna
China: Peter Franz, FH Technikum Wien
Germany: Michael Tobollik, competence center BIM e.V., Aachen
Turkey: Georg Karabaczek, WKO – Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Office Istanbul
Table 1: On the green. Host: Ute Muñoz-Czerny, IBO
Green Roofs and Livingwalls as part of the European Commission Green Infrastructure Strategy – Potentials for European Markets
Vera Enzi, EFB, Wien
Densification and urban climates
Matthias Ratheiser, Weatherpark GmbH
Vertical Farming: between eutopia and dystopia
Daniel Podmirseg, vertical farm institute, Vienna
Table 2: Building-technology alternatives. Host: Isabella Dornigg, IBO
Decentralized photovoltaic hot water production in housing construction – An energy-related comparison with central heat sources
Markus Gundendorfer, my-PV GmbH
Does it make sense to perform plus-energy attic conversion with an electric infrared space heating? First monitoring results
Jochen Käferhaus, TB Käferhaus GmbH
The future needs technical and social innovations  – especially in the building stock
Heinz Fuchsig, Innsbruck
Table 3: Circular economy. Host: Felix Heisinger, IBO
Ecology as a planning task in multi-story housing construction
Daniela Koppelhuber, Technical University of Graz
Digitised renovation- and revitalisation offensive for single family houses
Fabian Gaida, Gaida GmbH;  Gerlind Weber, BOKU (emeritus)
Table 4: BIM-methodology in practice. Host:  Lisa Kögler, IBO
BIM@Planer+Hersteller – experiences from a co-operative pilot project across the trades
Martin Huber, ecoplus BEUC NÖ, St. Pölten
OpenBIM Workflow with an IFC interface – BIM2VR: visualise an IFC-Model with VR glasses
Hanspeter Schachinger, BIMCOS e.U.
Development and test of practicable BIM-objects
Christoph Degendorfer, SIDE GmbH; Mario Kubista, Wienerberger Ziegelindustrie GmbH
Table 5: Passive house engineering in emerging countries. Host: Christoph Muss, Peter Franz,
FH Technikum Wien
Differences in architecture layout, statics and hvac engineering
Yan Chen, China Three Gorges University; Philip Hahn, FH Technikum Wien
Availability of materials and components, historical background
Elena Tiis, FH Technikum Wien; Paul Taton, Polytech Annecy-Chambery
Changes in building physics and energy demand
David Sengl; Markus Kraus, FH Technikum Wien
Energy efficient building and small area projects in Mongolia
Buyan Munkhbayar, Mongolian University of Science and Technology; Simon Schneider, FH Technikum Wien
Table 6: Convivial Practices: Participation, prefabrication and DIY. Host: Karin Stieldorf, TU Wien
A TOOLKIT for urban self-building
Paul Adrian Schulz, TU Wien
Temporary strategies taking the example of the Austrian Parliament
Christian Leitner, FLukas Lang
Experiences of self-building groups
Herbert Gruber, ASBN; Michael Fürst, TU Wien
Collaborative self-building, accompanying social research
Beate Littig, IHS; Nikolas Kichler, TU Wien
15:30–18:00 Foyer Stolz : Talks at the exhibitor’s desks
18:00 Stolz Foyer: Award ceremony of the Austrian Sustainable Building Council (ÖGNB) und klimaaktiv Bauen und Sanieren (free entrance, registration: office@oegnb.net)
 19:00–22:00  Rathaus, Stadtsenatssitzungssaal (Vienna Townhall):
Networking Reception of Ms. Maria Vassilakou, Vice Mayor, and H.E. Ms. Heidi Hulan, Canadian Ambassador to Austria, in the context of the BauZ! Congress (on invitation)

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