x18_Put into operation!

What are the things that are getting up and running? Four topics will be dealt with.

1 Building operation within the lifecycle

Building operation with an interest in energy efficiency, CO2 emissions. Costs and benefits of automated building control, costs and benefits of simplified approaches. Rehabilitations as a factor within the lifecycle. User satisfaction, indoor climate, air quality, value of real estate, lettability. Operating costs for more sophisticated free spaces, green façades and roofs, common spaces.

Further keywords:

  • Self-learning buildings, self-monitoring buildings
  • Intelligent buildings, smart homes
  • Net Zero Energy Buildings – in operation!

2 Financing, economic efficiency, responsibility

Responsibility for capital growth and responsibility for building-benefit growth. Innovative financing models:

  • Affordability and responsibility of the public sector
  • Social housing
  • Joint building ventures
  • Co-housing
  • Crowd funding
  • Economy for the common good

3 Integrated planning within the lifecycle

The interest in planning as a process is centered along two axes: on the one hand, along data quality, keyword BIM, and, on the other hand, along the quality of stakeholder communication along the production chain. In terms of content, we are interested in plannings that also include the final stage of buildings.

  • New models of cooperation in planning and execution
  • Digitized planning involving building models (BIM)
  • Facility management
  • Dismantling
  • Disassembly design
  • Urban mining
  • Circular economy

4 Urbanity, regional planning, life in the city

If densification is to lead to urbanity and not only to spaces becoming more constricted, it is, in particular, the density of the functions assembled on an area that must be increased.

  • High-rise buildings, high-rise residential buildings
  • Ground-floor zones
  • Urban production, urban manufacturing, urban farming
  • Greenery – at the building, on the building, in the free space
  • Vying for the roof: energy generation – horticulture (urban gardening) – common roof garden – luxury penthouses with a distinct identity
  • Planning interspaces: if the self-driving car becomes a reality, there will be a lot of free spaces in cities, as 70 % of the areas currently claimed by cars would be freed up …