European opening

 Join in! Pose your question for the opening session!

The 2019 BauZ! congress will be opened with a special format: a brief interactive session will be the meeting point of

  • representatives of the European Commission,
  • of the Austrian Federal Ministries of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) and for Sustainability and Tourism (bmnt)and
  • of the Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering OIB
  • as well as of our experts of the BAUZ! Advisory Council

They will pose questions, provide impulses and discuss the further development of EU legislation in the area of buildings and construction products, i.e. the topics of building and ecology. We invite participants and speakers of the entire BAUZ! event to join in the discussions and to likewise ask questions.

After that, the summarized messages will be forwarded to the European Parliament that is in session on this day in Strasbourg, i.e. to the Austrian MEPs together with greetings fromVienna, and to the Austrian expert audience.

Your and our wishes and impulses will refer to the relevant EU legal regulations, such as

  • the Energy Efficiency Directive
  • the Building Directive
  • the Construction Products Regulation
  • the REACH Regulation on the Registration of Chemicals

and will be prepared as short concise texts.

Invitation: In addition to the members of the BauZ! Advisory Council, all speakers and participants of the BauZ! congress are invited to formulate a statement for the opening session:

Please send a short e-mail with your proposed topic to, subject: “1st session”.