What may change?

What may change? Our motto for the 2017 BauZ! congress refers to the 2015 Paris Agreement, i.e. the agreement to reach decarbonization of the world economy by 2050 in a global effort. Which aspects of building and planning are hence prone to change in the years to come?

Both the beginning and closing of our program suggest that it is primarily the way in which we cooperate that will change. An impetus for that comes from technological development. With Building Information Modelling (BIM), a joint data base for all involved building stakeholders is created. The delegation of our international partner Finland is going to present the advanced state of play in their country. Yet the impulse for new forms of cooperation is also derived from practical application. In the closing presentations, we are going to hear about examples of planners and contractors trying to redefine their established roles in order to yield better results.

The congress will be mostly devoted to the new technical solutions and projects providing an insight into the state of play of technology on the path to decarbonization 33 years before the year 2050 – also in new formats, such as six sessions held in parallel and talks at the foyer’s information tables that may lead to new cooperation.