Survey 2022

Every year we try someting for the first time at BauZ!, other things we do every year a bit different. Your answers help us to make BauZ! better. Many thanks!

    (1) To begin with: Is this your first attendance at a BauZ! congress?

    (2) Did the catering meet your needs?

    (3) Participating online: What was your experience watching the BauZ! 2022 via Youtube? (Video, Sound, …)

    (4) If you made use of the simultaneous translation : Could you follow the speeches well?

    (5) The presentations of the congress are being rebroadcast on the internet for 14 days. How many presentation did you watch or do you intend to watch?

    (6) Virtual congresses, again: Yes or No?

    (7) Your proposals for topics for BauZ! 2023?

    (8) Do you have any other comments or proposals?

    Thank you!