Survey 2021

We had a great time in the seminar rooms of the TU Wien that we used as studios for the congress. Exciting to meet colleagues again in person after months! And it was a bit like in the childhood: „Let’s play ‚congress‘“! And than we played.

But how did all this arrive at your screens watching the virtual BauZ! 2021? Please tell us and take a little time to answer our questions! Thank you!

    (1) Arriving: Communication and password

    We tried our best to lead you with mailings and the „Please enter“ page safely to the congress. Did we succeed?

    (2) Being there: Video and Sound

    We were happy with the quality of sound and video that was being sent. But how did it arrive at your place?

    (3) Understanding: Language and Translation

    Hearing and understanding are separate issues: How could you follow the original language or the simultaneous translation?

    (4) Getting Involved: Chat function

    Instead of coming to the front to the microfone using the chat funtion to key in a question: did you get along with that?

    (5) Dropping in: the virtual exhibitor

    Asking questions, making contacts, a little chat in between? Did you try?

    (6) Virtual congresses again: Yes or No?

    For BauZ! 2021 there was no other option than a virtual meeting. But also in future congresses in „real presence“ we could offer virtual participation as an option. Would you be interested?

    (7) Downloads

    The presentations of the congress are being rebroadcast on the internet for 14 days. How many presentation did you watch or do you intend to watch (approximately)?

    (8) Your proposals for topics for BauZ! 2022?

    (9) Do you have any other comments or proposals?

    Thank you!